Based on the proven PSL linear actuators we recently developed a new actuator series with mechanical fail safe function or manual override: The PSF / PSF-M.

It is a multifunctional actuator for industrial valves in various applications with either extending or retracting output stem in case of power failure. Due to its robustness and small dimensions the PSF/PSF-M series is an interesting extension of the product range for the industrial as well as the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning sectors.

In the PSF series, an integrated power spring causes the fail safe in the case of loss of power supply, either extending or retracting. The PSF-M series with manual override can be operated by using the hand wheel or the two buttons of the local control.

The microprocessor-supported control with integrated positioners in conjunction with the precise control of the brushless DC motor (BLDC) and the contactless, non-wearing position decoding with Hall sensor ensures an exact positioning and repeatability accuracy. Simultaneously, important actuator functions like thrust, supply voltage, set value and temperature are monitored. Automatic commissioning and adjustable parameters make the PSF actuators very easy to use.

The power supply of 24 VAC/DC can be extend to 100-240 VAC by an optional wide range power supply. Additional accessories like two signal relays or a heating are also available.

The PSF and PSF-M series is available with a thrust of either 1 or 2 kN.
The actuator impresses with its robust industrial design with polycarbonate cover; the powder-coated aluminum gearbox; the compact design with low installation height and the easy valve mounting.