Electrical quarter-turn actuator for simple control operations up to 1000 Nm

The compact PSQ quarter-turn actuators of PS Automation are available from 50 Nm up to 1000 Nm torque. Different stroke options are available e.g. 90°, 180° or others. They are even available with continuous rotation upon request.

They are mature and proven, very robust and completely maintenance free. Since entering the marketing 15 years ago, gear damages by wear have not occurred under normal operation. This is why we can assume that a PSQ lasts as long as the valve. When buying a PSQ from PS Automation, the specialist for valve actuators, the only thing to consider is the reasonable price as well as the running costs. There are no maintenance costs!

For the PSQ-E series we use a very economic manufacturing method and a very efficient overriding drive in order to enable robustness at low cost. The valve is protected by using torque limited motors with thermo switches instead of torque switches. You can chose between two different torques and five different operating voltages. The standard equipment includes two potential-free change-over contacts which are preset to 90° travel to signalize the end positions. Optionally, you and your customers in the shop floors or at the construction site can retrofit a heating, a potentiometer as well as a mA position transmitter in two- or three-wire technology.

The new PSQ-E – the efficient quarter-turn actuator with more than 20% price advantage compared to our proven PSQ!