Better Protection, more Power!

Improved protection:
PSL and PSR-E successfully tested acc. to BS EN 60529 „protection against water“

Our proven linear actuators PSL and the economy quarter-turn actuator series PSR-E are now available with an increased protection class:

  • PSL201-214: IP68
  • PSL320-325 and PSL320-325AMS: IP67
  • PSR-E: IP67

More Power:
The new PSL330 with 30 kN and the new PSL325 with 24 VDC

NEW! The powerful PSL330 with a thrust of 30 kN and PSL325 with 24 VDC power supply.


PS Automation to Supply Quarter-Turn Actuators for KSB Valves in Fire-Extinguishing Systems

In March 2016, PS Automation GmbH won a contract for the supply of 150 off quarter-turn actuators Type PSR-E50 with a supply voltage of 24 VDC.

Mounted on butterfly valves Type BOAX manufactured by KSB, PS Automation’s actuators will be used in fire-extinguishing systems in Germany and France. As a special feature of this application, the actuators are required to run continuously for up to 4 hours in case of fire. This function has been successfully tested and proved during two tests, carried out independently by PS Automation and the plant operators.


The robust quarter-turn actuator PSQx03 with improved retrofitting

PS Automation GmbH is continuously developing new products as well as improving already existing actuator series. We are proud to present you today our latest improvement for our quarter-turn actuators type PSQx02, which will now become the next generation PSQx03.The improvement mainly refers to the design of the mainframe, the mainboard and the retrofitting of the additional limit switches.

This results in the following benefits:


PS Automation GmbH launches New Generation of Management: Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schmidhuber is new Managing Director

Bad Duerkheim, Germany – Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schmidhuber (35) is the new managing director of PS Automation GmbH in Bad Duerkheim, Germany. As of 1 May 2015, founder Max Schmidhuber handed over the company’s operative management to his son. PS Automation GmbH specialises in electric and electronic actuators and has been successful in the market for more than 25 years.


PSR-E with new operating times

The PSR-E50 is now available also with operating times of 6 s and 80 s for a swing angle of 90°.


PS Automation actuators functioned properly!

London. On January 17th, 2015 there was a fire in the Eurotunnel between Great Britain and France, caused by a burning truck on a freight train. After the train stopped at a security stop, the fire-fighting system was activated and extinguished the fire immediately. All of the 42 passengers were rescued unharmed. However, the fire caused a traffic jam on both sides of the Eurotunnel. Around 400 trains are passing the Eurotunnel each day. Annually, around 1.5 million trucks are transported through the tunnel.